Kegel Male Exercise Trainer

Mechanics of the Trainer Device

The device uses one to four low weight calibrated, polished steel ball bearings (from 2.5 - 10 ounces) and focuses on the Pubococcygeus muscle (PC muscle) as well as the Ischiocavernosus and Bulbocavernos muscles connected to the penis. Marked effects are seen as early as one month after a twice-weekly regimen of exercise.

Patent History

The trainer holds two US Federal Patents, and has 15 irrefutable claims on it is a rare patent privilege. A University of NOVA professor designed a special pioneer, ground-breaking patent attorney for the Male Exercise Device, the first of its kind US Patents See links below:

Benefits for Men:

Enhanced sexual performance
Harder, firmer, longer lasting erections
Multiple orgasms in males
Over all physical and psychological rejuvination
Reduction of premature ejaculation
Penis enlargement
Elevated testosterone levels
Enhanced satisfaction in marital relations
Increased Masculinity and Total body rejuvenation

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